Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Download Jiocloud App – Jio Cloud Service Offers 50 GB Free Storage

Download Jiocloud App – Jio Cloud  Jio Cloud Service Offers 50 GB Free Storage

JioCloud App Download : With the download jio cloud apk you no need to carry physically your data. Jio Cloud Offer, Get 50 GB Cloud Storage FREE. With the Jio Cloud APK Download, Just store your data’s like office files, pictures, files, videos, important documents, contacts etc in a completely organized and secure way with Jio Cloud App Download. This means, with the service of Jio Cloud App, you can access your data from anyplace or any device and also share them with anyone, even with those who don’t have the application.

What is Jio Cloud Storage Service?

Jiocloud service is data storage service which offers 50 GB for free. No need to carry data with your hands like pen drive data, memory card data, images, video files, important documents, etc… Simply up-lode those files to jiocloud server and keep lock to that folder if you want more security.

How To Install / Download Jiocloud App APK

1.Download the jio cloud app 
2.login or signup to jiocloud server 
3.then create a file 
4.upload a new pic or video 
5.then share the upload pic or video on ur facebook or twitter  with the #jiocloud #jio #ipl2018 u get 50Gb cloud storge.

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