Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Expired Jio prime membership 31 march ???

Reliance Jio Prime Membership Expiring on 31st March, What Next?

Jio membership

Reliance jio the most recent member of the telecom sector, took the industry by storm by introducing free internet back in 2016. The company introduced its prime  prime subscription in February 2017 which was valid for one year starting on April 2017 and will end on March 31, 2018. In this post, we will be telling you how to renew it after March 31 along with its membership benefits. Scroll down to know more about Jio Prime Renew.

Jio CustomerCare has No Idea what will happen of Jio Prime membership.Jio may Increase the Validity of Jio Prime Membership Existing Plan or The Company May Release the New Prime plan because after 31st March According to the Terms & Conditions You Plan & Data Charges Will be set to a non-Prime user and the Data Charges and rates are high for the Non-Prime users.

How to Check Validity

The Jio Prime membership will come to an end on March 31, 2018, and you will be getting a service SMS regarding this issue. Still, if you want to check the validity yourself or your plans, you can use the MyJio Android App or the official Jio website.
1.Download MY JIO APP or Open The MyJio App if You already have.
2.Now Go to MyPlans from Three Dots and scroll to last.
3.You will See The Jio Prime Membership details here.

What Happen Next?
The information regarding This is not yet released by Jio and it is expected that Jio Will Announce either New Plans or Extend the Current Jio Prime Plan validity but the Most Probably Jio Will Change the Price of its Data & Calling Plans.So it’s advisable to not to recharge your Jio Number until you get Next Announcement from Jio.
Next Announcement of Jio is Expected in Last Week of March So till now You can continue with the current plan and we will update you once we will get an Update from JIO also We will Post The Best offers For Your Jio Number to Recharge.

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