Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Aadhaar Card Usage History – Is it Misused? Full Guide To Check Aadhaar History

Aadhaar Card Usage History – Is it Misused? Full Guide To Check Aadhaar History 

We are back with Aadhaar Useful Article. Today we will show you how to Check Aadhaar Card Usage History. Is it Important?
 All People are linking Aadhaar Card without asking any Questions to Government. What if it is Misused? We have Trick to check that, when and where your Aadhaar card is Used. Today, Government has all Biometric Data of Yours and also Mobile Operators Have your Data. So It is Necessary to Check Usage History Regularly.
So, See below step by step that how to see Aadhaar Card Usage History with Full Guide. Check it Now.
As You all Linked Aadhsar with Mobile Number, If Not, See Last Date to Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number and Link now
How to Check Aadhaar Usage History
1. Visit this Page for Checking Usage History of Aadhaar from Here –Click here
2. Enter UID and Security Code in Box.

3. Click on Generate OTP.
4. After that, you will be redirected to new Form.
5. In that Enter Authentification Type as All.
6. Select Date Range in which you have to Check your Aadhaar Usage History.
7. Enter Number of Records and OTP Which you had received in Your Mobile Number. (Maximum 50 Records is allowed)

8. Click on Submit.
9. Done. You will see your Aadhaar Card Usage History.

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